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 Our Past 

We collect goosebumps.

Relive our past experiences

Networking in Pyjamas

Negotiation Workshop & Cozy vibes

We are masters at mixing professional context with silly playfulness and a drop of spirituality. 

The result: A magical space that allows even the toughest nut to drop their guards and build trusting relationships. 

Feedback: "The best business event I have attended in +20 years of business"
- Stephan Park - Founder & Copywriter

Summer Vibes Event

Deal Making & Mastermind

Deal Making, Masterminding, Forest Walks.

Mixed with High Performance Nutrition and a beautiful location. 

Everyone leaves filled with inspiration, new projects, and a craving for more.of.that. 

BOBC Basketball Event

Networking meets Championships

While making business deals,

we watched Dirk Nowitzki’s jersey being retired,

Slowenia and Germany win their first games of the EURO Basket 2022,
and ended up meeting Dirk Nowitzki in person.

A once in a lifetime event for true basketball fans. 


Inspiration Days

In the heavy times hovering over Germany’s Fall of 22,

it took us exactly two days to change the frequency

amongst our participants from
insecurity, fear, doubt and frustration to courage, joy, love, gratitude, and possibility thinking.

The results:
Measurable business growth and true transformation. 

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