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Winter Wonderland
Pyjama Party 2023

powered by BlueOcean BusinessClub
Onesie instead of suit & tie. Connect with like-hearted entrepreneurs in a one-of-a kind winter wonderland experience.
12:00 PM–Feb. 5, 2023, 2:00 AM
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Your next business deal
comes in fuzzy socks. 🧦
Welcome to

The infamous Pyjama Party Powered by
BlueOcean BusinessClub and hosted by Video Studio Vienna, we will take you on an memorable winter experience.

Picture this. Sink-in comfy beanbags, ceiling hanged hammocks, fairy lights, Christmas feels, and warm cacao—all in your pyjamas.

A perfect setting to have authentic, honest conversations and inspiring chats with like-hearted entrepreneurs.

Come as you are and join us!

The Pyjama Party is for the ones who truly dare.​​






Start-up Founders



For People who want to connect on a deeper level and build lasting business connections

People who want to find the next investment or investor

Or simply experience an amazing entrepreneurial day among like-minded people.
Who want to have deeper, long lasting business connections.  
And simply experience an amazing entrepreneur day amongst alike.
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Day of Magic

80 entrepreneurs

of your kids


This event will be filled with interactive activities, ceremonial cacao combined with workshops that will effortlessly birth a beautiful opportunity to connect deeply with others and yourself.  Plus, you can bring your kids too! A program curated exclusively for them. There's room for everyone!

Our event is crafted to build long-lasting connections.

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Unsere Künstler

Dj Schmusoooo


Pyjama Party bei Danny_121.jpg

What to expect:

1. The event will kick-off with a one-hour warm Fireside chat. Where entrepreneurs can intimately get to know each other.

2. Facilitated networking workshops with connection games carried out by the trained & lovely Carina

3. Speed & casual networking on ceiling hung hammocks decorated with whimsical fairy lights.

4. Cacao ceremony hosted by the beautiful German singer Makeda (winner of Eurovision) and Diana, encouraging everyone to set intentions and connect back to themselves and the loving energy within their hearts.

5. The fire within our hearts will lead us to a juicy, ecstatic dance led by our guest,

Dj Schmusoooo


6. Heart-warming food, which will include chocolate fountains, fruits, & warm beverages. Exclusive: Who said only adults can mingle? With our exclusive program curated for your little ones. Which includes:

1. Mindfulness workshops

2. Winter Arts & Crafts

3. Face painting

4. Gingerbread-man decoration

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Kids Ticket
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Arne Meindl

Real Estate Investor and Serial Entrepreneur

"When is the next one?!
I want more!"

Stephan Park

Founder Text Text Baby

from our first legendary Pyjama Party
"The best business event I have attended since I am doing business - over 20 years!"

Flaminia Buda,

Founder Nomadhaven

"I in complete, utter bliss."
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