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Becoming The Leading Community of

Conscious & Purpose-Driven Creators Worldwide.


We are a community of conscious creators, makers, and shapers, uniting founders, established entrepreneurs, investors, solopreneurs, artists, and athletes.

We dream of a united world.

A world in which neither race, age, gender nor nationality matter.

In which we understand that we are one.

To unite humanity, we first need to unite it's true leaders:

Those who are willing to take on the responsibility of making the world a better place

We attract, connect, and empower them, and give them a home.


This home is called the BlueOcean BusinessClub.

Why BOBC is for you

You want to spend more time with like-mined entrepreneurs. 

You want to do business with people share your beliefs.


You resonate with our core values:

Play. Connect. Grow. Authenticity. Oneness. Balance.

You understand that success is a response to serving your clients and community. 

You believe that responsibility requires balance: You like to have fun and enjoy life to the fullest.

You like to explore new places.

You want to give back and lift others up,

as they lift you up as well. 

Our Community Benefits From:

Trusted Community

Immersive Events