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We are a community of purpose driven entrepreneurs

that love to play in life, connect with like-minded people,

and realise their personal and professional potential.

Overview cities

Our Community Benefits From:

Immersive Events


We have a unique way of mixing professional context with silly playfulness and deep connections, which makes everyone rave about our events.

Trusted Community


A conscious entrepreneurs' collective, from members, for members, that feels like family.  You will never be alone again.



Access the collective intelligence of our experts and experienced entrepreneurs to constantly expand your personal and professional level.

Global Upcoming Events

It's the experiences that unite us.


Why the BOBC is for you


You want to spend more time with like-mined entrepreneurs. 


You want to do business with people share your beliefs.


You resonate with our core values:

Play. Connect. Grow. Authenticity. Oneness. Balance.


You understand that success is a response to serving

your clients and community. 


You believe that responsibility requires balance: You like to have fun

and enjoy life to the fullest.


You like to explore new places.


You want to give back and lift others up,

as they lift you up as well. 

 Our Online Portal

Our carefully designed member portal connects our members all year around and leaves no question unanswered. We truly have a space for everything. 

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Local Communities

We recently started in Berlin with 2 members, and now are more than 70 throughout Germany, Spain, Italy and Dubai.

In each area, our City Hosts are welcoming new members and hosting frequent, fun events for you to connect. 

Meet your City Hosts