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We are a community of purpose driven entrepreneurs

that love to play in life, connect with like-minded people,

and realise their personal and professional potential.

We dream of a united world.

A world in which neither race, age, gender nor nationality matter.

In which we understand that we are one.

To unite humanity, we first need to unite it's true leaders:

Those who are willing to take on the responsibility of making the world a better place

We attract, connect, and empower them, and give them a home.


This home is called the BlueOcean BusinessClub.

Here, they can...

Play out to the fullest like when we were kids

IBTV  (54).png

Explore beautiful places together

WhatsApp Image 2022-12-14 at 13.18.20.jpeg


deep & meaningful connections

Pyjama Party bei Danny_226.jpg

Take a

breath & relax into their authentic self


Unfold their true potential as leaders

2022-11-05_RB__1928 (1).jpg

Make their journey a shared and joyful one.

Our Community Benefits From:

Trusted Community

Immersive Events



We have a unique way of mixing professional context with silly playfulness and deep connections, which makes everyone rave about our events.


A conscious entrepreneurs' collective, from members, for members, that feels like family.  You will never be alone again.


Access the collective intelligence of our experts and experienced entrepreneurs to constantly expand your personal and professional level.